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Is Sami now the perfect choice to dethrone Roman?

Is Sami now the perfect choice to dethrone Roman?

Last night, at the first #WarGames version of WWE Survivor Series, we saw one of the best WarGames Match stories to ever be told. The whole build-up of the match was around whether Sami Zayn can be trusted and whether Jey Uso would finally welcome Sami as an official part of the Bloodline. This played into the entire match. Starting with Jey being first in for the Bloodline, to Sami having to go in next after watching Jey get beat to a pulp by Ridge Holland and Pete Dunne, to Sami helping Jey throughout, to Jey not feeling remorse for accidentally superkicking Sami during the match, right down to the entire finish of the match. The biggest story of the whole night, though, had to be the ovation of the crowd when Jey Uso embraced Sami Zayn after Roman embraced Sami after the match. That ovation should be sending Daniel Bryan alarm bells off to everyone. We all have heard the rumours that it is expected to be The Uso’s vs. KO and Sami at Mania but now we want to know if Rock can’t make it, should they book Sami Zayn to be the perfect person to dethrone Roman Reigns at WrestleMania?

Do you agree with us that as everything stands right now that Sami Zayn is not only the perfect choice but the ONLY choice to dethrone Roman Reigns as the Universal World Champion?

Are you thinking we and everyone else must be crazy if we can see Sami Zayn as the face of WWE holding the WWE Universal World Championship?

Do you just feel that bookers should not diverge from the intended story just because the crowd is reacting a certain way to a certain worker as it only leads to issues with a concise story being told?

Are you just pissed that we are still talking about the Bloodline after this long and that it has run its course at this point?

What did you think of Survivor Series? Do you feel the male WarGames match was the only thing worth watching on the show? Were you shocked to see Theory get the US Title back from Rollins so quickly?

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