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Has MJF finally been able to go FULL Heel?

Last night, during AEW’s weekly episode of Dynamite on TBS, we saw MJF and Regal come down to reveal MJF’s custom AEW World Championship and explain their relationship, or so Regal likely thought. MJF was able to cut his first promo as a Champion with Regal at this side (since Moxley was booted from the building for Brawling backstage with Hangman) to lay out how first used Firm just like they used him and has no hard feelings as he would have done the same. It was then that MJF talked about his and Regal’s plans and how long they went but in the end, MJF took out the brass knuckles after casually walking behind Regal and flooring him in one shot to the back of the head. This was brilliant for many reasons but really props have to be given for all the seeds that had been planted including Regal actually turning his back to MJF and telling him to take him out just weeks ago. Not to mention last week with Danielson begging Mox not to do the same thing to Regal that MJF was able to do. With Danielson coming out to help aid Regal with the medical staff and even leaving in the ambulance with him, we saw the beginning of what could become one HELL of a feud for Revolution between MJF and Danielson. While we all know this was done to write Regal out so he can go back to WWE, sometimes that allows for some great angles like this one where you can sell an attack like it was life-threatening (until that person shows up in WWE). So with all this and the massive boos after the angle directed at MJF, did AEW finally get the smart marks to boo MJF or will this just make them love him more?

Do you believe that this was without a doubt the best possible way to write Regal out of AEW since it helps villanize MJF more while building multiple possible feuds all in one angle?

Are you shocked how much people are talking about this angle when every single person in the building and watching at home knew MJF was going to do something to Regal that would lead to getting him out of AEW?

Do you agree with us that this was a great example of the long-term storytelling by AEW without having to spoon-feed and beat things to death to make sure fans know what the story and angle are?

Are you just excited that this is obviously going to lead to Bryan Danielson vs. MJF for the AEW Championship at AEW Revolution and that will make everything worthwhile?

What did you think of Dynamite this week? Do you think Wardlow should be going after MJF at this point and not Samoa Joe? Do you hate that AEW is going full heel with Samoa Joe? What do you think about how Final Battle is shaping up?

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