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Did WWE solidify Solo Sikoa as a threat to EVERYONE?

Tonight, during WWE’s weekly episode of Raw on the USA Network, we saw Solo Sikoa take out Elias backstage in an earlier today segment and then absolutely destroy Matt Riddle live in the Ring in a matter of seconds. In those few seconds, however, we saw the intensity that can only be described as a mix of his father in the Headshrinkers and the gangster style of Homicide. Barely a week ago we were laughing at those who said Solo Sikoa could be the one to eventually dethrone Roman Reigns but after tonight, we aren’t laughing. These are the kind of segments we need more of to make people look like a legit throat to end anyone’s career (in a kayfabe way not a Goldberg type of way) and make them look like a credible contender in the eyes of every fan. Will Sikoa eventually turn on Roman or vice versa? Who knows but we now know that it is feasible to make him look like a possible threat if they wanted to. What did you think of the angle on tonight’s Raw?

Do you agree with all the community members last week saying that Solo Sikoa is the biggest and most logical threat to dethrone Roman Reigns as the Tribal Chief AND the WWE Undisputed Universal Champion?

Do you think we are reacting a little too prematurely, like always, and that it will take a LOT more than just a quick one-off segment to make Solo Sikoa a legitimate threat to ANYONE in WWE?

Are you going to wait to pass judgment until you know he can cut a decent enough promo to be worthy of a top spot, even though Roman couldn’t cut one before becoming the Tribal Chief?

Are you just thinking that Solo Sikoa just became a bigger threat in the eyes of every wrestling fan than any single member of the AEW roster?

What did you think of Raw tonight? Are you finding yourself tuning in more lately than before Triple H took over? Do you want to see Alexa Bliss back in the title picture?

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