AEW AEW Dynamite Soundoff

Was that Ricky Starks’ best Face promo yet?

Tonight, on AEW’s weekly episode of Dynamite on TBS, we saw Ricky Starks win the Battle Royale at the start of the show in order to face MJF next week for the Dynamite Diamond Ring. Immediately after winning, MJF’s music hit and came down to cut what we thought was a scathing promo on Starks that actually made Starks look bad, at first. MJF even made the crowd chant “Pebble” at Ricky Starks after MJF referred to Ricky as a Dollar Store Rock. At this point, things turned around as Starks appeared unphased and walked right into the shoulder of MJF to get the mic with the Crowd instantly loving that Starks wasn’t going to get outplayed on the mic, not even by MJF. Starks had fans chanting “Maxipad” at MJF and Starks showed passion and explained why the fans have got behind him but will never truly get behind MJF because they know Starks tries every single time and doesn’t phone anything in. The promo really had the fans solidly behind Starks by the end and really made him appear to be a challenger for MJF instead of just a mid-carder getting a shot until they go full force into MJF vs. Bryan Danielson. But did you feel that was a great promo from Starks?

Do you feel that it is no surprise that Starks is able to cut such a promo when he has ALWAYS cut killer promos everywhere he has gone?

Are you shocked that anyone would think that Ricky Starks cut a good promo last night and feel the guy will never get over as a face?

Did you feel it was a bad idea for Starks and MJF to go head-to-head on the microphone as there isn’t anyone in the business that can go up against MJF on the mic and come out looking strong?

Are you just happy to hear the NWA get a mention on a program that is actually on Television?

What did you think of Dynamite this week? Do you feel that Red Velvet could be the one to eventually dethrone Jade Cargill? Are you afraid for Darby Allin’s long-term health? What did you think of Regal’s promo?

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