AEW PPV ROH Soundoff

When does it become too much?

Today, in a great Saturday afternoon of wrestling, Ring of Honor, and by extension AEW, put on a very NON-PG PPV. ROH Final Battle featured a match, and when announced, everyone that has watched wrestling for any significant amount of time knew would be a blood bath. That said, I don’t think any of us expected what was delivered in the Double Dog Collar Match for the Ring of Honor World Tag Team Championships between the Briscoes and FTR. At one point, the referee, former wrestler Mike Posey, had to keep checking on Jay Briscoe after each strike from Dax Harwood, who had wrapped the chain around his hand, to ensure he had not passed out. On the third time, Posey moved in while Dax was going for a fourth strike and got hit. Posey being a former wrestler did the OBVIOUS blade job and was GUSHING blood at this point. It got so bad he was sitting at ringside with the medical team who just were trying to stop the bleeding as the match continued. Was this the worst thing in the match on a violent scale? Not even close, but it was definitely something you don’t see in a major promotion that often if at all. There are some loving the amount of blood we saw in the match and others think it was over the top. So we want to hear from you, do you think it was too much blood?

Do you agree with us that if the referee is blading in a match it just puts the blood a little over the top as it really isn’t needed THAT badly to tell the story of how bad these guys wanted to finish the other off?

Were you loving the amount of blood you saw in the match and happy you have a product that isn’t forced to stick to a PG rating for the majority of their stuff?

Do you feel that blood is okay in any situation as long as it is adding to the story and is not just being done for the sake of being done?

Are you wanting more and more and more and feel if it is anything less than GCW or ECW levels that it is just watered-down wrestling for children?

What did you think of Final Battle? Were you surprised by all the championships changing hands but the one? Do you think Tony just aligned everything up to have the separate rosters? Were you disappointed we didn’t get a TV announcement tonight?

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