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Hear me out but WWE wasn’t in the wrong.

In the past 24 hours, the Internet Wrestling Community has been ablaze over the release of Mandy Rose by WWE. For those who have been under a rock, the former Rok-C defeated Mandy Rose on NXT Tuesday Night and the next morning, yesterday, it was revealed that WWE had released Mandy Rose due to content she released on a private site behind a paywall. The website in question is similar to OnlyFans where creators can post content both clothes and unclothed. This is apparently in violation, according to WWE, of the contract Mandy Rose signed. Now we all know that WWE is PG and a LOT of their partnerships are dependent on that PG Rating. That said, we are well aware of all the arguments about how WWE has a massive history of exploiting the half-naked bodies of their female talent. We are also aware that that is not something exclusively in their past either.

That said, let’s take the content she posted out of the equation altogether. Let’s look at this from a Real World perspective and not part of the wrestling world. Let’s also take personal feelings out of it and try to be as unbiased as possible.

Here we go, you get hired at a new job, and you sign an employment contract. As part of these contracts, there are clauses that state certain expectations of you from your new employer. Regardless of what we from the outside think of these clauses, if they are completely legal clauses and you agree to them, your employer is COMPLETELY, 100% within their rights to terminate your contract. Whether they do that to others is of no matter and all that will matter is if you are in violation of that contract or not.

So, let’s face the facts. Mandy Rose was a big girl who signed a big-girl contract. She made a choice that was VERY profitable for her and decided she didn’t want to give that up and will continue to likely make FAR more than her WWE contract and will now be able to sign a contract much more favourable to the lifestyle and independence she desires.

But that is just our opinion on the matter and we’d love to hear why you agree, disagree, or just think we’re insane. Where do you stand on Mandy Rose’s release, let us know in the comments!

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