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Were you shocked by the upset of the year?

Tonight, on AEW’s weekly episode of Dynamite on TBS, we saw Chris Jericho take on an unknown “jobber” by the name of Action Andretti. The match, according to Jericho, was meant to be a tune-up for a rematch against Claudio Castagnoli for the ROH World Championship. To the surprise of Chris Jericho and pretty much every other human being who has seen at least two seconds of wrestling in their life, Andretti pulled up the upset. For fans as old as us or even older, we can remember a couple memorable times that a “jobber” pulled off an upset to the shock of everyone. Whether this moment ends up being as memorable as 1-2-3 Kid beating Razor Ramon or Barry Horowitz beating Sunny of the Bodydonna’s will remain to be seen. One thing is for certain, it was a shock and a great moment that was amplified by the great crowd in attendance that made it seem like a HUGE deal. It was also great to see the post-match reaction from Jericho backstage trashing everything in sight. It was similar to his celebration after becoming Le Champion but literally the exact opposite. This makes us think we could be seeing a new gimmick from Jericho real soon. We obviously want to know what you thought about this moment from AEW.

Did this upset remind you, as it did us, of when 1-2-3 Kid (Sean Waltman) debuted by defeating Razor Ramon (Scott Hall) in the Cash Prize match?
Are you just looking forward to what could possibly be the best version of Chris Jericho yet with his falling from grace and possibly being the opposite version of his previous Le Champion gimmick?
Did this shock you but not as much as you were shocked to hear of Mandy Rose being released from WWE for doing the same thing WWE used to push women for doing?
Are you just happy to see AEW successfully pull off an angle to make an unknown wrestler to the mainstream audience become a huge star in just one match?

What did you think of Winter is Coming? Are you excited about the potential of MJF vs. Bryan Danielson? Did the Main Event live up to your expectations? Where do you see the Sammy and Garcia angle going?

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