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When will Triple H make us care again?

Last night, on WWE’s weekly episode of Monday Night Raw on the USA Network, we saw yet another rehire debut on the main roster. Bronson Reed attacked Dexter Lumis, another rehire, to help the Miz when a Ladder Match for “all the money” in a bag.

I am not going to be one of the people that are going to really bitch about where I personally feel one wrestler is better at because I don’t know their situation. That said, I am going to do just that by asking why rehire people that are being built strong outside the company for free if you are going to bring them in with very few long-term plans? I could be surprised and these two dozen rehires could all of a sudden be pushed to the moon or have stories that make me care, but at this point, other than Bray Wyatt, who has really had any kind of push?

I completely forget where The Good Brothers are each week, although based on my personal taste I am not complaining about that one. Where if Triple H had been smart, he’d recommended to these people to sign short-term contracts with the companies pushing them strong and letting them get built up even bigger until they have a strong long-term plan. Financially it makes sense as you don’t have to pay these people anything but then you can reap all the rewards regardless of how Sleazy E that would be of one to do.

I just really enjoy a lot of these people and their previous characters. I want to want to tune in each week to see these guys in great programs but instead, they are all revolving around the Miz for some reason. Time will tell but at this point, Papa Trips has done nothing to make us WANT to watch each week.

What do you think about these returns? Which return has felt the most important to you other than Bray’s? Do you feel the debuts are getting too much and too often to have any impact?

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