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Was the beatdown really THAT bad?

Tonight, during AEW’s annual Holiday Bash edition of Dynamite on TBS, we finally saw the official end of Swerve in our Glory as Swerve debuted his new stable in a beatdown of Keith Lee. In what is now known as Mogul Affiliates, we saw an unknown tattooed wrestler and Parker Boudreaux attack Keith Lee from behind before Swerve finally does a stomp on a Brick to the chest of Keith Lee. There was a lot to take in and a lot to definitely criticize about this segment and many of you are doing that in spades already, but was it as bad as people are making it out to be? Let’s start with the worst part, the pacing/timing as Swerve took forever to come out leading to Rick Ross dropping a live F Bomb which will likely cost TK some money then the delay on the attacks making Keith Lee look stupid just standing around being the only person in the building not expecting someone to attack him from behind. Then, we have Parker Boudreaux appearing as a member of the stable even though the last anyone had heard or seen, he was a member of the Dark Stable “Trustubusters” and we got literally no mention of that during the pauses. With all that said, though, Swerve finally has a stable of tough-looking guys that can now do his dirty work while he does the talking. That last point alone is enough to talk about how this is going to be something. Regardless of your faith in TK’s storytelling as of late, one can not deny that tonight they followed up on the Andretti angle last week perfectly and there is no reason to think this will not be the same. So, where do you stand on the beatdown?

Do you feel that even with all the bad of the segment they are already a bigger threat than what Hit Row is without Swerve especially since no one botched a dive over the top rope?

Are you like us and confused over Parker Boudreaux being part of the group when we thought he was still a member of the Trustbusters in another case of stables changing regularly as long as it doesn’t involve Chris Jericho?

Do you just want to know who the big tattooed guy is since he looks like one of the Ascension but if they had spent the last two years in a tattoo artist’s chair?

Are you just hoping for the sake of Tony’s bank account that they never give Rick Ross a live microphone again since the F Bomb is likely going to be very costly for TBS and thus TK?

What did you think of the Trios match? Did you think Hayter and Shida delivered in the Main Event? Are you liking how great the idea of Danielson taking on Ethan Page and eventually MJF is?

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