Did Mercedes live up to the hype?

Earlier today, we saw what everyone in the wrestling world knew was coming, Mercedes Mone (FKA Sasha Banks) debuted for NJPW at their version of WrestleMania in Wrestle Kingdom 17. After Kairi (FKA Kairi Sane) successfully defended her IWGP Women’s World Championship, Mercedes got in the face of Kairi before attacking her to set up a match at Battle in the Valley in February. A lot of people thought we may see Naomi with her even though she is still signed to WWE but once people realized she was not the only WWE wrestler there to support Mercedes it added a couple new questions into the equation we all thought already solved. Many thought Noami was not still signed to WWE and was a free agent just like Mercedes and with Bayley apparently also in Japan to support the debut, along with Karl Andreson being on the show, some have started to think Mercedes herself could still be signed to WWE and this is all a work. The fact people are starting to question everything, wrestling could finally be heading back to a Kayfabe-style existence with the lines so blurred we have no idea what is coming next and who is really with who. So with all that happened, we want to know what do you think about the debut of Mercedes Mone in NJPW?

Do you feel that with Mercedes leaving WWE and heading to NJPW in the way she has that she is beginning her resurgence outside of WWE like Chris Jericho did by going to NJPW before eventually helping found AEW?

Are you part of the camp that feels this is now all just a Work and we will be seeing her in the Royal Rumble later this month along with Kairi to help push their match while also highlighting both companies?

Do you think that Mercedes/Sasha is all hype and just like CM Punk is cancer in any locker room and will be gone from NJPW in less than 6 months?

Are you just trying to figure out if Mercedes Mone’s outfit was a cosplay/tribute to Yokozuna or just felt like pretending to be the worst Geisha ever?

What did you think of Wrestle Kingdom 17? Did Ospreay and Omega live up to what you expected? Do you think they will have a rematch? What do you think about people from all major companies being able to appear on the same show together?

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