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Does MJF in an Iron Man Match excite you?

Tonight, during the first episode of AEW Dynamite on TBS in the “new era” we got to see MJF and Bryan Danielson go at it on the mic once again. After Danielson had easily defeated Tony Nese, he wanted more and challenged MJF to come out and fight him. MJF, being MJF, said if Danielson wants to fight him, he will have to go through his gauntlet. Danielson, being wise to MJF’s games since this is what MJF always does, said he would do it and just wrestle when he wanted and who he wanted until he was made the number 1 contender. Eventually, though, Danielson agreed to go through the gauntlet IF MJF would allow Danielson to pick the stipulation for their eventual match at Revolution… a Sixty Minute Iron Man Match. It was really great to see Danielson not just buy into MJF’s games immediately like the others have in the past but instantly we were hit with the question of can both of these men still put on a Sixty Minute match? Is that match even a good idea in this day and age of short attention spans? Obviously, a lot can change between now and Revolution in March but at this point, the idea of a Sixty Minute Iron Man Match for the AEW World Title has me excited since I remember the first one between Bret and Shawn. If any two guys today could fit those same roles, it is these two. So lets through it to you, are you excited about the possibility of Danielson and MJF in an Iron Man Match?

Do you feel this will be the perfect match to showcase MJF and what he can actually do in the ring to silence any and all doubters of his worthiness at the top of the card?

Are you one of the many fans who believe the Iron Man Match, especially a Sixty Minute one, is just way too damn long and has an exciting beginning, an extremely boring 45-minute middle, and some exciting minutes in the end?

Do you think MJF will be gassed after twenty minutes and it will just show how bad MJF is as a Champion and how bad AEW is as a company as a whole?

Are you just wishing the match can be tomorrow because you are so excited at the endless possibilities that Danielson and MJF can pull off in this type of match?

What did you think of the “new” Dynamite tonight? Were you surprised at Darby winning the TNT Title? How hot was that crowd? Did you for a second think they actually were putting the Titles on Jarrett and Lethal?

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