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Will Wrestling ever be the same again?

For those who have yet to read about it, Vince McMahon, as majority shareholder of WWE, is pulling a power play. He is getting himself and his dynamic duo back in charge but with one purpose in goal, to sell the WWE. This is no storyline and yes Vince McMahon can in fact legally do this.

The questions that are going through everyone’s minds are valid and numerous. Let’s start off with the most obvious question… Who would they sell WWE to?

Obviously, there has been one major name always thrown around in the last few years when a potential sale of WWE has come up and that is Disney. Disney definitely has the capital to purchase the $5B USD company that is WWE. Disney also has a history of diversifying their lineup with the addition of multiple intellectual properties like the Star Wars franchise. There is also Tony and his Daddy but I don’t see them wanting to do that. If the company is auctioned off with different parts becoming available, I definitely could see TK buying WCW’s properties to possibly spite Triple H and Cody who would both want those properties.

But that brings us to the next question, what would happen to the company depending on who purchased it? This question is basically a bunch of sub-questions as no one really knows what would happen except for the interested party/parties. Like will they just want the library? The Intellectual properties? Would Fox want Smackdown and run it alone? What would happen to certain championships if brands got sold off to different parties?

One thing is certain and that is that this could be the biggest thing since WWF bought WCW in 2001. But unlike then, the reverse situation could happen with a giant hole being created in the industry without a company big enough yet to fill it. AEW could definitely benefit from WWE going away for a bit but they would not be able to instantly step up to fill that entire void. We could see a company take over completely and see nothing change other than Vince is finally bought out and gone for good.

What do you think we are going to see happen? Will WWE live on as a whole promotion as it is now? Will it be sold off in pieces? Will AEW become a powerhouse? Did Andrade and Miro just start kissing TK’s butt? Let us know your thoughts on how 5 days into 2023 and it is already a crazier year in wrestling than 2022.

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