AEW AEW Rampage Battle of the Belts

Is Red Velvet the likely option?

Tonight, during the fifth installment of AEW’s Battle of the Belts specials on TNT, we saw the furthering of the Jade Cargill and Red Velvet storyline. A lot of us wondered why they would throw Velvet into the Baddies after finally getting her over as a face, but the plan is starting to be made clear. To us, it is merely a question of when it will happen. Will Jade lose her streak on PPV since major things should happen when people are paying for it? Or will this happen on TBS or TNT to make WarnerMedia, or whatever they are called now, happy? I know a lot of people are not big on Red Velvet and we’ve heard all the botch stories and excuses, but in reality, who else could you possibly have ending the streak of Jade? It would be a waste to have an already-made star like Jamie Hayter, Shida, Britt, Rosa, etc. Then you have people like Sky Blue, Kiera Hogan, Willow, and the other Dark alum, but really, other than Red Velvet who has the history and build to believably beat Jade at this point that would benefit from the win? When Taker’s streak ended, people bitched it was Brock Lesnar who gained nothing from ending it compared to someone with much less history. When Goldberg’s streak ended with Kevin Nash people bitched about the politics involved and the fact Nash was a booker at the time and put himself over instead of a new star. So, as always, we want to hear from you, do you think Red Velvet is the only option to end Jade’s streak?

Do you feel that it, unfortunately, has to be Red Velvet at this point because AEW either already has the most believable ones in prominent spots and the others just wouldn’t be believable at this point?

Are you of the belief that if it is someone as green and unpolished as Red Velvet that it would be a waste of the entire streak and a slap in the face to everyone that had to lose to Jade in the process?

Do you just want to see the Streak end at this point and couldn’t care less about who actually ends it as long as someone else holds the TBS Championship for once?

Are you just convinced this is yet another red herring and that there is no chance Red Velvet ends the streak on TV or PPV as Jade will hold on to the TBS Title longer than Roman has held on to his belts?

What did you think of the Live Rampage and Battle of the Belts V tonight? Did you expect a title change? Are you surprised that we didn’t get anything to make us believe Toni Storm is going to be replaced in the Tag Match on Wednesday?

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