Is Cody Rhodes ready to shine?

Last night, on WWE’s weekly episode of Monday Night Raw on the USA Network, it was announced, to the shock of many (that it was announced not that he is coming back for the Rumble) that Cody Rhodes will be returning and entering the Royal Rumble. Upon his return at this past year’s Wrestlemania and his subsequent promo on Raw, “Chasing The Dream”, it seemed that Cody was going to embark on a hero’s journey in an attempt to capture the WWE title. Unfortunately, just before the Hell in a Cell PPV, a torn pec derailed what many suspected would be a 1-year build towards the following Wrestlemania and Cody Rhodes as the WWE Champion. This is a story I’ve wanted to witness for a long time, but as evident from his AEW run, Cody is not loved by all. In WWE, however, Cody has seemed poised to do what his father could not. When you have the rumoured return of The Rock at this year’s Rumble, as well, one has to wonder if Rhodes will get the spot we all thought would happen. What do you think about Cody Rhodes returning at the Royal Rumble and his short-term plans?

Do you think Cody Rhodes returning and winning the Rumble and possibly the WWE Championship at WrestleMania is a lock?

Are you almost certain that a potentially returning Rock will ensure that Cody Rhodes looks strong during the Rumble but falls short in the end?

Do you think the WWE has had a change of heart and will humble Cody Rhodes with the Bushwhacker Luke spot and be eliminated within seconds of stepping foot in the ring?

Are you just sick of Cody altogether and are actually upset seeing that he’s returning and taking a spot away from someone more deserving?

Neil Van Dam

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