Smackdown WWE

Does Kevin Owens stand a chance?

This week, on WWE’s weekly Smackdown on FOX, Kevin Owens put pen to paper to lock in his showdown with Roman Reigns for the WWE Undisputed Universal Championship at Royal Rumble. It seems that every time the WWE needs a credible number 1 contender for a big show, KO is on the shortlist. One has to wonder why this is the case but he has not held a major title in WWE in a LONG time. Obviously, we know, that Roman Reigns has a date with WrestleMania but does he have to? There are plenty of opportunities for him and others to test out. We could see Kevin Owens win on Saturday and Sami Zayn win the Rumble with Roman wanting Sami to give the spot to him only for Sami to refuse. We Could see the same situation but Sammi gives the spot to Roman only to turn on Roman at Mania allowing Owens to retain. We could see Rock vs. Roman with no belts on the line. We could see the Gobbly Gooker return and become WWE Champion, but like those options, not very likely. We want to know, what do you expect from KO vs. Roman at the Rumble this Saturday?

Do you think Kevin Owens will shock the world on the Road to WrestleMania like Eddie Guerrero did back in 2004?

Are you thinking this will be setting up the expected Sami Zayn v Roman Reigns at the Elimination Chamber?

Do you think KO will have a good showing but the story ends the same, with Roman Reigns standing tall as the WWE Undisputed Universal Champion?

Are you wondering why anyone even cares about Roman Reigns vs. Kevin Owens at the Rumble after Botchamania with the handcuffs and the fact we all know Roman wins?

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