Neil Van Dam RAW WWE

What careless whisper was said?

This week, during a special 30th-anniversary celebration episode of RAW on the USA Network, we saw the return of the Undertaker… well kind of. Rather than the dead man, we got the American Badass! Bray Wyatt’s return, while initially exciting, has been more and more underwhelming as the weeks have gone by. Due to the underwhelming nature of Bray’s return, the queue gets a rub from Taker along with a secret message to his former rival. What he whispered may always remain a mystery but one can make some educated guesses, that’s for sure. For better or worse, it was the most talked about segment overnight from Raw and everyone keeps asking the same question of what, if anything, did Taker actually say to Bray? We personally are hoping that Taker told Bray that it is one thing to scare people but it is another altogether to make people FEAR you. What are you thinking after Bray and Taker had their moment last night?

Are you now thinking that the “pitch black” match is now going to be a cinematic masterpiece involving The Undertaker?

Do you think that while the deadman has retired, the American Badass may have at least one more ride left in him?

Are you thinking this could be the start of Taker helping Bray in the same fashion Sting helps Darby in AEW?

Do you think this was a great way to set up a possible match down the road, possibly even as early as WrestleMania, between Bray Wyatt and the Undertaker?

  • Neil Van Dam

What did you think of Raw’s 30th Anniversary? Did you like how they were able to use Veterans to put over the Young talent unlike at past anniversary shows?

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