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Did AEW and WBD do right by Jay Briscoe in the end?

Tonight, during AEW’s weekly episode of Dynamite on TBS, we finally saw Warner Bros. Discovery finally give in and allow a tribute to Jay Briscoe. We got to see not only his Brother, Mark Briscoe, wrestle and win in the Main Event of the show, but we saw a touching video tribute early on in the show that highlighted the man that Jay Briscoe was. It was nice to see a video that not just show the wrestler that touched the fans, but a video that showed the human side of Jay that made the people backstage and in his personal life, love him so much. It is shows like this that remind us as fans just how emotionally connected we get to these characters and the people watching them week in and week out. If you didn’t have a watery eye at some point during tonight’s broadcast, I don’t know what to say. Now of course there will be those who will say it is too little too late down to the point that they could even say if Jay had been allowed to appear on AEW he may have been somewhere else and still be with us today. There are some that may even feel that this whole show should have been dedicated to the memory of Jay and not just a couple segments and the Main Event. I want to know what YOU thought of the tribute that AEW was finally able to give to Jay Briscoe, did you feel it was fitting?

Do you agree with us that there is no possible way that someone could watch the show tonight without having to grab the tissues at least once?

Are you part of the camp that feels that if Warner Bros. Discovery had allowed Briscoes on AEW TV from the start that Jay would still be with us as he’d been working and not driving the car on that day?

Do you feel that they still need to air a much better tribute on TBS or TNT and not just on HonorClub even if it is free for everyone worldwide?

Are you thinking after the Main Event that the fans could get behind Mark Briscoe as the next ROH Champion comes Supercard of Honor?

What did you think of Dynamite tonight? Do you like the new Toni Storm Heel character coming out? What do you think about Danielson vs. Thatcher next week? Do you think we saw the final successful defense of the TNT Title by Darby this week?

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