Was that the best way to end Sami Uso?

Tonight, during WWE’s annual Royal Rumble event, we saw Kevin Owens battle Roman Reigns in what was expected to be a pivotal moment in the Bloodline storyline with Sami Zayn. We were not disappointed as Sami could not stand by and see the Bloodline continue to beat down Kevin Owens after Owens was already defeated and had been thrown against the ring steps multiple times. The most intriguing part of the entire angle, from our standpoint, was actually the reaction by Jey Uso to Sami hitting Roman with the chair and the Bloodline beating down on Sami. Not only did Jey not join in on the beat down of Sami like he did with KO, but he also left the Bloodline in the ring and walked to the back on his own obviously conflicted with these developments. It really makes us wonder about the expected Usos vs. KO and Sami at Mania match with this interesting twist. Obviously, we know Cody is going to face Roman but do we see Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn, and the Bloodline compete at Elimination Chamber to determine who challenges Roman for the second belt? It could be an interesting way to book the double defense at Mania. Now that you know how we feel about the possibilities after they finally pulled the trigger on kicking out Sami Zayn, what do YOU think about the end of Sami Zayn with the Bloodline?

Do you feel that WWE pulled off the perfect ending to Sami Zayn as part of the Bloodline since it has now set up multiple stories in the wake of its ending?

Are you most intrigued, like we are, about the possibilities of this story with Jey Uso walking out on the beatdown of Sami Zayn and him being upset over Sami hitting Roman with a chair?

Do you think WWE should have waited to end the story and milk it for as long as they possibly could to the point of even waiting until WrestleMania to get an even bigger crowd pop for Sami’s turn?

Are you just thinking while it is not a great way to end the feud it still was the best thing to happen on the entire PPV including both Rumble matches?

What did you think of the Royal Rumble? Do you think Logan Paul and Ricochet pulled off the spot of the night? Are you excited about the Rumble Winners? What do you think about Gunther and Rhea breaking the records?

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