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Are the Ref Bumps getting to be too much?

Last night, during AEW’s weekly episode of Dynamite on TBS, we saw a ref bump yet again in an AEW match. From the start of AEW, one of the best parts of the wrestling aspects of the company was that they had very little funny business when it came to the finishes of matches. We didn’t see interference costing someone a match every week. We didn’t see a ref get taken out each week. We did see a lot of referee’s looking stupid when stuff DID happen “behind their backs” though. It was so rare to have outside shenanigans that at points we couldn’t even remember the last time it would happen. Now, we are at the point where we are remembering them happening too often. The one thing we know about anything, not just in wrestling, is that less is ALWAYS more. When things happen less often it is always going to be more impactful when it actually does happen. Think the Canadian Destroyer or Code Red, it was done so much that it became a joke if a match DIDN’T use the move at least once and now it is rarely used again allowing the move to be more impactful. So do you want to see AEW get back on the right track and cut back down on the silly business with referees?

Do you feel that the ref bumping and shenanigans are not too much and happen just the right amount in AEW unlike with how often it happens in WWE or other companies?

Are you of the belief that there should never be ref bumping and if it does happen there should be in-story consequences to the person responsible for the bump like a fine or suspension?

Do you feel that having the ref bumps help make the referees look less dumb than before when things just would happen when they should be able to see it all clearly?

Are you just feeling that we are all taking it way too seriously as it’s wrestling and it should never be taken as seriously as MMA or an actual scripted television show?

What did you think of Dynamite last night? Are you surprised they put the belt back on Joe so soon? Do you know what side Ruby Soho will be on? Is the women’s division going to be split like the WWE Women’s Division at the beginning of the “women’s revolution?

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