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Did Cody and Paul get you excited?

Here we are again. The same old story. This Monday on WWE’s weekly episode of RAW on the USA Network was seen focusing on Cody Rhodes and his road to his Main Event spot WrestleMania for the WWE Undisputed Universal Championship. Wrestling critics, fans, and heck even the trolls are buzzing after a classic worked shoot promo between Paul E and Dusty’s baby boy. We got great callbacks to hard times, ECW, and even the beginnings of NXT which have added several layers to this reality-based story. With that said, even a great 15-minute segment amongst a lengthy 3-hour show leaves little left for wrestling fans to desire. But do you feel the promo was enough to get you invested in the Road to WrestleMania and draw attention away from the Sami Zayn movement?

Do you believe that Cody Rhodes vs the Bloodline could be the best storyline in wrestling if done correctly?

Are you disappointed the build towards the Elimination Chamber and Roman’s title defense against Sami Zayn has been treated as an afterthought?

Should Cody assemble a “family” of current stars such as Sami and Kevin to level the playing field on the road to Wrestlemania?

Is Roman Reigns the illegitimate son of Dusty Rhodes and getting help from Dr. Kurt Angle to sort out this mess?

What did you think of Raw this week? Do you think it is time for Edge to feud with someone other than Judgement Day?

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