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Was that the best way to end Dynamite?

Last night, during AEW’s weekly episode of Dynamite on TBS, we saw what many thought would be unexpected, The Gunn’s defeating The Acclaimed to become to new AEW World Tag Team Champions. While this was an expected result to many, it still shocked them it didn’t come as a result of Billy Gunn turning on The Acclaimed which didn’t happen even though it was still teased during the match. I will say, right off the bat, having the Gunn’s win the belts last night was actually the right call to make. The Acclaimed are hot but at the same time, their momentum was beginning to stagnate as champions. The Gunn’s on the other hand were/are getting to the point of becoming a strong homegrown heel team and putting the belts on them against the Acclaimed creates MASSIVE heat for them and not X-Pac heat as some are calling it. The best part was they didn’t have Billy Gunn turn on The Acclaimed but we are given the story of Bowens likely upset with Billy over making the match when they already said no. It also continues Billy’s story with his sons as they finally seized the opportunity when it presented itself. Now, we get to the point of contention for us last night, how the match ended in the most awkward way possible. That ending just seemed like there was meant to be something else. The Gunn’s seemed like they were waiting for something to happen instead of celebrating winning the titles while The Acclaimed just looked at them from the ring until their music hit. The awkwardness just took A LOT away from the actual winning moment for The Gunn’s when they could have been celebrating and being cocky instead of looking like two kids that were about to have the cookies they stole taken away from them. So we want to know, what did you think about the ending of Dynamite last night?

Are you with us and feel that the awkwardness of the “celebration” after the match took away from the ending and just made you scratch your head at what was meant to happen?
Do you feel the Acclaimed are super hot and should NEVER have lost the Tag Titles to anyone let alone to Austin and Colton of the Gunn’s?
Are you excited to see how the loss impacts the relationship between The Acclaimed and Billy Gunn since they never wanted to take the match in the first place?
Do you think it was a good ending to a great episode of Dynamite and you’re confused as to why people are taking issue with how the show ended?

What did you think of Dynamite last night? Were you surprised that Ricky Starks didn’t finish the gauntlet? Did you want to see them actually count out Danielson just to see how they could still get Danielson in the match at Revolution?

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